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Fighting My Corner ||Issy Grainger

It started off with staring out of a window in History class.

I was thirteen and, little did I know, that small moment would come to define the next fourteen years of my life.

We Need To Talk About Mental Health In The Workplace || Wildgoose

For many people with mental health issues, the workplace is a minefield. The very essence of most jobs involves being there at a set time every day, but we all know that mental illness has no schedule and often remains a taboo subject in the office.

Mental Health - My Journey || Book Hooked Nook

I was recently scrolling through Twitter (as you do) and I came across Sophie asking for people with experience of mental health to write about it. Now this isn't usually something I would ever consider, for two reasons. One I blog about books primarily. Two I've never truly opened up about my experience with my mental health and I wasn't too sure how you guys would take it. All that being said, I just felt this need - this urge that perhaps it was time to travel back and relive that part of my life. Although it was a horrific time for me, I think it needs to be aired and if I can help someone out there, then I'm willing to share.

Why My Imperfections Make Me Who I Am || One Unique

Nobody's perfect - Hannah Montana taught me that when I was 10! But then Selena Gomez came along and started asking who said I wasn't perfect and things from then on got a bit messed up. When you're going through a hormonal change, you look at yourself in a different light and begin to start hating things about yourself. In this post, I'll be discussing my imperfections and why they make me who I am.

How To Manage Stress and Anxiety || Everything Megan

Hey everyone, I’m Megan and I’m a 17 year old blogger. For my post about the huddle and cuddle campaign is about managing anxiety and stress as things can get a bit to much sometimes. Please head over to my blog and give it a read it will be highly appreciated. I am looking to post more about mental health on my blog so this is just a start. Thank You.

A Drug Allergy and The Memory of my Postpartum Psychosis

Joey Lynn Resciniti is a wife, mother, and writer in the north suburbs of Pittsburgh. She recently published a fictionalized account of her postpartum struggles and the long road to full recovery in her first novel, No Room for Hondo. She writes about mental health and motherhood on her blog, Big Teeth & Clouds (http://bigteethclouds.blogspot.com)

My Struggles: Living With Anxiety || Mrs Hible

I've always been a worrier ever since I was a child. However over the years it's grown into more when I was a teenager the panic attacks came along with the anxieties over silly things. When I had my third baby 7 months they grew even worse to the point leaving the house became a challenge. Here is my story.