My Mental Health Experience (Anxiety) | Caper Reads

Anxiety is something I've struggled with my entire life, but have only recently realized that I wasn't something that I was just supposed to brush under the mat and "get over." For the longest time I thought what I was feeling was something everyone else had learned to conquer but I hadn't. Because of this, I wanted to share my experiences with others, and hopefully provide some insight and explanation to others with the same issues as me. In this post I talk about my experience with anxiety, as well as what I've done to cope, and the resources I have done so through:)

Remember You Are Not Alone | Mrs Hible

The post is about my experience with Post-Natal depression since having my 3rd baby 6 months ago. I believe it started on maternity leave as its been one of the loneliest times of my life. 

Tips for when you feel anxious | Everything Eden

My blog post is full of tips to help you out when you are in anxious situations or feel anxious! Hopefully at least one of these will benefit or help you!

Post Natal Depression, Is It Becoming A Slap On Label? || Colitis to Ostomy

Sometimes it feels like health professionals like to use umbrella terms to make their lives easier, rather than actually getting to the bottom of the issue. I think PND is becoming an umbrella term and I talk about why.

Conquering Anxiety || Words With El

After living with severe anxiety for just over two years, I thought it was the right time to share my experience. I've always been worried about writing a post this personal but it's through fighting stigma that people are able to truly feel comfortable. The main aim for this post is just to show everyone that things can always get so much better; I hope it does!

Anxiety through Pregnancy || The Haxby

Stacey is a twenty something home and lifestyle blogger, a wife to a bodybuilder gym addict and a first time mum to Poppy. After battling through infertility and conceiving through IVF she decided to start sharing her life and its struggles through social media and her blog

Anxiety: What Not To Say || The Rose Glow

Suffering with a mental illness like anxiety is not only difficult for yourself, but it can be an extremely frustrating and challenging experience for those around you. Friends and family can say things to you which upset you, make the situation harder, or doesn't help at all but, a lot of the time, they're unaware of the damage being made. I am sharing my experience of things that friends and family have said in a harmless way, but can be very hurtful to those with anxiety. This could be particularly beneficial to those who have partners with such mental illness as it could really open someone's eyes.

My Mental Health Story || Em's World

I had been wanting to write this post since I started my blog but I've been terrified to do it and I'm still terrified for people to read it! The reason that I've now written it is because of Sophie at One Unique's brilliant campaign. I think it's so important to raise awareness of mental health and I really hope I can help a little bit with that by contributing to this campaign. I'm not very educated in mental health so the only thing I could write about is my story which is what I've done. It's how/when my depression started, how it progressed and how I've managed to deal with it.

15 Things My Children Taught Me About Anxiety || Lessons From A Student Mom

I've lived with anxiety for many years. Many more years than I have been a parent. But it wasn't until I had my boys that I learned a few things about my own anxiety, and anxiety in general. I wanted to share with you the 15 things I've learned from my boys while parenting with anxiety.

Back To School Advice || Lottie Gibbons

Going back to school/work, it can be a daunting situation. Social anxiety starts to creep in and performance anxiety spikes. However, Lottie has provided some tips on how to face your first day back. This blog post acts as a guide to put your mind at peace and recognise that it is 'normal' to be nervous when returning.