How To Manage Stress and Anxiety || Everything Megan

Hey everyone, I’m Megan and I’m a 17 year old blogger. For my post about the huddle and cuddle campaign is about managing anxiety and stress as things can get a bit to much sometimes. Please head over to my blog and give it a read it will be highly appreciated. I am looking to post more about mental health on my blog so this is just a start. Thank You.

A Drug Allergy and The Memory of my Postpartum Psychosis

Joey Lynn Resciniti is a wife, mother, and writer in the north suburbs of Pittsburgh. She recently published a fictionalized account of her postpartum struggles and the long road to full recovery in her first novel, No Room for Hondo. She writes about mental health and motherhood on her blog, Big Teeth & Clouds (

My Struggles: Living With Anxiety || Mrs Hible

I've always been a worrier ever since I was a child. However over the years it's grown into more when I was a teenager the panic attacks came along with the anxieties over silly things. When I had my third baby 7 months they grew even worse to the point leaving the house became a challenge. Here is my story.