We Need To Talk About Mental Health In The Workplace || Wildgoose

For many people with mental health issues, the workplace is a minefield. The very essence of most jobs involves being there at a set time every day, but we all know that mental illness has no schedule and often remains a taboo subject in the office.

Mental Health - My Journey || Book Hooked Nook

I was recently scrolling through Twitter (as you do) and I came across Sophie asking for people with experience of mental health to write about it. Now this isn't usually something I would ever consider, for two reasons. One I blog about books primarily. Two I've never truly opened up about my experience with my mental health and I wasn't too sure how you guys would take it. All that being said, I just felt this need - this urge that perhaps it was time to travel back and relive that part of my life. Although it was a horrific time for me, I think it needs to be aired and if I can help someone out there, then I'm willing to share.

Why My Imperfections Make Me Who I Am || One Unique

Nobody's perfect - Hannah Montana taught me that when I was 10! But then Selena Gomez came along and started asking who said I wasn't perfect and things from then on got a bit messed up. When you're going through a hormonal change, you look at yourself in a different light and begin to start hating things about yourself. In this post, I'll be discussing my imperfections and why they make me who I am.